A deep-frying line from Gernal is the ideal machine for preparing products that are fried in oil: meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, satays and other preparations, plain, rolled in dough or coated in breadcrumbs. The products can be partially or completely cooked. The result is always the same: food with a crispy and colourful crust, highly suitable for conserving and ready for heating in a microwave oven.

Features: user- and maintenance-friendly, energy-efficient, high-quality end-product

Gernal’s continuous deep-frying line is

  • user-friendly:
    • state-of-the-art electronic control box, which can be installed either on the machine or on a wall.
    • automatic loading and unloading onto grill-, Teflon- or eyelink conveyor belts
  • energy-efficient:
    a circulation pump provides a controllable oil stream, which assures a very even transfer of heat from the heating element to the oil and from the oil to the product. The deep-frying pan is insulated on five sides.
  • maintenance-friendly:
    • the cooker hood, conveyor belts and heating elements are automatically lifted out of the oil bath for cleaning and service operations.
    • all components are easily accessible.
    • the inside is completely manufactured of 304 stainless steel.
  • protected against overheating
  • high-quality and food-safe end-product:
    • a circulation pump guarantees an even temperature of the oil.
    • a scraper and a flat steel filter remove impurities from the oil.
    • CIP cleaning with an automatic programme

The series of Gernal continuous deep-frying lines is available in a variety of versions, which can be heated with electricity, steam or thermal oil.

To produce smaller volumes or simple products Gernal develops budget-friendly, simpler frying lines tailored to the customer.