Although Gernal has gradually grown into a manufacturer of complex machinery for the food industry, its roots as a producer of containers and trays have not been forgotten.
Gernal provides a wide range of excellent equipment made of stainless steel.

You have a choice from a wide assortment of:

  • cooking carts
  • hand wash basins
  • basins with knife sterilisers
  • collective wash basins
  • siphons
  • chutes
  • clothing cabinets
  • containers
  • working and cutting tables

 Highlight on…

  • the multi-cooking form. With this, Gernal took another innovative step forward by providing a way of filling cooking forms in a uniform way. The system, which can be expanded with an unmoulding machine and a hydraulic press, offers revolutionary advantages:
    • same form and weight
    • compact arrangement in the container
    • movable and stackable
    • long pieces for slicing
    • low cost in comparison to separate forms
    • a variety of different models are possible
  • the hydraulic press for multi-cooking forms
    A manual insertion of products in a multi-cooking form is quite hard labour. Thanks to the hydraulic press provided by Gernal, the pressing of the product into the form and demoulding the forms after cooking has become substantially easier.
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