Gernal's extensive experience in the construction of machinery for the meat and fish processing industry has resulted in a range of cooking kettles, which provide excellent quality in combination with minimal maintenance requirements.

Features: energy-saving, user- and maintenance-friendly, reliable.

  • energy-saving
    • insulated lid with spring hinges
    • double-walled construction
    • heating possibilities as desired: gas, electricity, steam, oil, glycerine
  • user-friendly, thanks to state-of-the-art control box, which makes the following functionalities possible:
    • setting the time, temperature and delta-T parameters
    • step cooking
    • variable regulator speed
  • maintenance-friendly, thanks to a detachable agitator with scrapers
  • extremely reliable, thanks to:
    • separate control in control box
    • fixed mixing arm
    • agitator motor in the base
  • food-safe, thanks to stainless steel components
  • ergonomic, thanks to feet with adjustable height

Gernal cooking kettles are available in capacities from 300 to 2,000 litres. These units are available both with an agitator (detachable) and without agitator.