The Gernal MBK searing kettle combines all the excellent qualities of a traditional cooking kettle with agitator and a tilting frying pan. This makes the searing kettle a very multifunctional machine:

  • frying & roasting: thanks to a temperature range of up to 240°C, meat and vegetables can be fried or roasted quickly under high temperatures.
  • cooking: thanks to the horizontal agitator with temperature-resistant scrapers, the products are cooked very evenly. Sticking and gluing of rice or dough products, burning of soups and sauces etc., are a thing of the past.
  • stewing: finally all processing steps in the preparation of a complete dish can be done with one and the same kettle:
    • heating the butter or oil
    • browning the meat
    • frying the vegetables
    • adding herbs and spices
    • adding liquids
    • cooking and thickening if necessary
  • wokking: The Gernal MBK can even be used for wokking, a highly popular trend in preparing dishes. Thanks to this searing kettle, you can create highly tasty, bite-size dishes with a fresh look.

The Gernal MBK searing kettle, highly suitable for:

  • frying minced meat, diced bacon, gyros and pita meat
  • egg omelette preparations, Nasi Goreng
  • cooking vegetables, such as onions, sweet peppers, carrots, mushrooms, aubergines, courgettes, etc.
  • sauces, soups, compotes, etc.
  • stewed meat, vol-au-vent, chicken curry, goulash, stews, etc.

The Gernal MBK searing kettle is available in three different versions, with capacities ranging from 500 to 1,200 litres. Single-wall and double-wall units are available, which can be heated with steam, electricity or thermal oil. Searing kettles are standardly delivered with a stewing lid, including a PLC control unit with touch-screen and 40 programs.


Searing kettle, 390 kB

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