For more than three decades, Gernal has been a specialised partner for numerous meat and fish processing companies. This has led to the development of innovative salting, massaging and marinating technologies.
The newest generation of Gernal tumblers has been designed for processing in which vacuum, precise temperature control and a thorough massage of the food product are required.

Features: user- and maintenance-friendly, multifunctional, extremely safe

Gernal vacuum tumblers provide an optional glycol-filled cooling jacket (adjustable between -5 to +10°C), which assures perfect temperature control. This means that tumbler units can be installed without problems in non-cooled rooms. They can be loaded with a mobile lifting device or by vacuum facilities, and they automatically tilt forward during emptying.

Our machines are capable of both soft and more intensive massage processing. In the first case, small V-shaped ribs in the tumbler assure that the products are not scooped up, but that they roll and slide over the bottom. More robust processing, for an intensive massage, is provided by a large scoop, which is designed in such a way that it does not damage the product.

All models are fitted with:

  • tumbler tank made of 4 mm thick plate
  • feet with adjustable height
  • double-chain drive via a rear axle
  • adjustable speed
  • water separator and Plexiglas bowl, which protect the vacuum pump against contamination
  • electrical control unit: PLC with touch-screen
    • digital readout of temperature, vacuum and total running time
    • setting of delay time, rotating time, resting time, aeration, depth of the vacuum and speed
    • counting of number of rotations
  • counting of vacuum pump operating hours.

Gernal vacuum tumblers guarantee extremely safe processing:

  • all moving parts are protected with screens and secured
  • audio and visual alarms during start-up and a visual alarm during operation of the machine

The Gernal vacuum tumbler range includes a number of different models, with capacities ranging from 250 to 6,000 litres.


Vacuumtumblers, 939 kB

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