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Smoke delicious hams, bacon, duck and rolls.

Traditional sawdust smoke gives your products a rich and refined taste. The smoke is generated by smouldering sawdust and is blown in the chamber by a turbine. Smoke pipes then evenly distribute the smoke in the oven.

Friction smoke

Cold smoke salmon, turbot and other fish delicious with friction smoke. Enrich your raclette cheese with a fine smoke aroma.

Friction smoke is generated by pressing a wooden bar against a rotating rasp. This creates a low temperature smoke. Should the smoke heat up above an acceptable level, the generator will automatically disengage and spray itself with water.

Liquid smoke

Liquid Smoke is the most eco-friendly solution. This type of smoke is free of tar substances and ashes. Liquid Smoke is a natural wood smoke condensate.

Your products will obtain a rich flavor as with sawdust, wtihout any harmful byproducts.


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