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Marvelous food in a Gernal cooking kettle

  • ✔ Cook potatoes, pasta, rice, quinoa, bulgur, couscous
  • ✔ Cook hams and sausages at the perfect temperature
  • ✔ Blanch your vegetables or cook them crunchy
  • ✔ Create an intense broth
  • ✔ Let your organ meat simmer until it’s tender
Vaste kookketel gevuld met vlees

Pressure and vacuum cooking kettles

By adding pressure to the kettle, the boiling temperature is increased. This drastically speeds up your production process. Every 5°C increment decreases the cooking time by 50%.

Vacuum cooking allows you to cook below 100°C. The temperature can be set to the degree and thus deliver perfectly cooked products. Thanks to the vacuum, there is minimal loss of taste, weight and texture.


We are experts at manufacturing food processing machinery

Discover the benefits


  • ✔ High-performing and sturdy for a steady product quality
  • ✔ Fast heating
  • ✔ Easily program recipes with a touch screen
  • ✔ Short cycle times ensure a rapid production
  • ✔ Large capacity: 200 up to over 2.000 litres

Food safety

  • ✔ Hygienic design, easy to clean
  • ✔ High-end stainless steel
  • ✔ Retraceable resources


  • ✔ Durable and insulated kettle
  • ✔ Energy saving lid
  • ✔ Optional water saving flow meter
  • ✔ Optimal heat transfer thanks to a large contact surface


  • ✔ Optional pneumatic tilting basket
  • ✔ Counterweight for the lid
  • ✔ Control panel at optimal operating height
  • ✔ Display and gauges at optimal reading height
  • ✔ Valve to empty the kettle in a controlled and safe way with an optional pumping unit
  • ✔ Optional elevator for euro bins
  • ✔ Optional agitator

Choose your recipe at a glance

Your default cooking kettle contains a fixed basket and manual valve. Heating options include electrical heating or indirect steam (optional direct steam injection).

The kettle is operated with ergonomical and sturdy buttons.

You can equip your kettle with one or multiple baskets, with an optional opening bottom.

If you want to use your existing baskets, we will alter the design.

The optional tilting kettle can be equipped with a funnel for easy portioning.

Upgrade your kettle to your liking with:

  • an insulated lid
  • a high-performing aeration system
  • a pneumatic tilting basket
  • direct steam injection for faster heating
  • a high flow pneumatic valve
  • an elevator for euro bins

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