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Tenderize your meats in a Gernal tumbler

  • ✔ Vacuum massage your products
  • ✔ Permanently monitor the temperature
  • ✔ Deliciously marinate your products 
  • ✔ Defrost your products in a controlled process
  • ✔ Capacity: 120 up to 5.000 kg

Fast and easy brine mixing

  • ✔ Create a homogenous brine mixture in mere minutes
  • ✔ Easily operate the mixer with the intuitive control panel

We are experts at manufacturing food processing machinery

Discover the benefits


  • ✔ Flow meter for automatic water refills
  • ✔ Separate funnel for your ingredients
  • ✔ Brine is automatically routed towards its destination
  • ✔ Large capacity: 200 up to 10.000 litres

Food safety

  • ✔ Hygienic design
  • ✔ Retraceable resources
  • ✔ Optional cooled and insulated walls 


  • ✔ Water and energy saving design


  • ✔ Fully automated line
  • ✔ Display and gauges at optimal reading height
  • ✔ Control panel at optimal operating height
  • ✔ Optional elevator for euro bins

Choose your recipe at a glance

All Gernal vacuum tumblers are equipped with a power train with continuously variable speed.

Equip your tumbler with small V-shaped ribs for soft massaging. The products are not scooped up but roll at the bottom of the tumbler.
By equipping your tumbler with large scoops, the products are lifted up and treated more intensely without being damaged.

Operate your tumbler with ease thanks to a large multifunctional display. Choose your recipe at a glance and save time in your production process.

Finetune all parameters yourself for every product to achieve the perfect massaging duration.

Upgrade your tumbler to your liking with:

  • a glycol cooling wall (-5°C up to 10°C)
  • a hydraulic tilting system
  • an automatic elevator
  • an extra manhole for easy cleaning
  • an extra large control display
  • an integrated weighing system
  • process tracing and visualization
  • a vacuum system

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