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A wide range of recipes with the Gernal searing kettle

  • ✔ Bake and fry the best dishes in one single machine
  • ✔ Wok your vegetables without burning them
  • ✔ Create tasty and tender stews with our slow cooking technology
Kook- en koellijnen

We are experts at manufacturing food processing machinery

Discover the benefits


  • ✔ High-performing and sturdy for a reliable and steady production quality
  • ✔ Fast heating cycle
  • ✔ High-energy baking to preserve taste and texture 
  • ✔ Program your own recipes with an easy to use and intuitive display
  • ✔ Optimized scrapers and agitator for an effective mixing
  • ✔ Large capacity: from 150 to 1200 litres

Food safety

  • ✔ Hygienic design, easy to clean
  • ✔ High-grade stainless steel
  • ✔ Retraceable resources


  • ✔ Agitator with heat resistant scrapers avoid burnt and lost preparations
  • ✔ Durable and insulated kettle
  • ✔ Energy saving lid
  • ✔ Heat recuperation via closed cooling water system
  • ✔ Water saving flow meter (optional)
  • ✔ Usage of residual heat in multi-step processes
  • ✔ Optimal heat transfer thanks to large contact surface


    ✔ Hydraulically tilting kettle

  • ✔ Valve to empty the kettle in a safe and controlled manner, possibility to equip with a pumping unit
  • ✔ Display and gauges at optimal reading height
  • ✔ Controls at optimal operation height
  • ✔ Elevator for euro bins (optional)

Choose your recipe at a glance

This tilting cooking kettle is a must have for anyone who wants to cook even faster and more efficiently. It’s one of our most versatile machines and specially designed for complex recipes with multiple steps.

Easily control your line with a large multifunctional display.

Pick your recipe at a glance and ensure a steady quality for every batch.

You decide on all production steps and pick their appearance on the display.

Finetune all cooking parameters and tailor them to each product to achieve the perfect cooking time.

Upgrade your kettle to your liking with:

  • a vertical agitator with scrapers
  • 2 heating zones (bottom/wall) combined with a proportional steam valve for the perfect temperature control
  • a cooling wall to prevent overcooking and to safely pour off your products
  • a precise weighing system to perfectly dose your products
  • direct steam injection for shorter heating cycles
  • a pneumatic draining valve
  • a manual draining lid
  • an inline mixer or an external mixer
  • vacuum or pressure cooking
  • an elevator for euro bins
  • a pumping unit with surplus tank to augment your capacity

Do our regular kettles not meet your specific demands?
Contact us and our engineering department will gladly design your next customized cooking kettle.

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