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Drying, smoking, cooking, baking and roasting

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Delicious dishes with the Gernal ovens

  • ✔ Defrosting, drying and cold smoking fine products
  • ✔ Baking and roasting poultry
  • ✔ Cooking, smoking and grilling hams, roasts and so much more
  • ✔ Bread-crumbed dishes can now be baked to perfection
  • ✔ Get to know mediterranean cuisine with magnificently roasted vegetables
  • ✔ Steam all your delicious and crispy dishes

We are experts at manufacturing food processing machinery

Discover the benefits


  • ✔ High-performing and sturdy for reliable product quality
  • ✔ Multi-function, combine multiple production steps in one machine
  • ✔ Very fast heating
  • ✔ Different heating sources
  • ✔ Shorter cooking cycles with our exclusive air guidance system and uniform temperature
  • ✔ Program all production steps with comfortable commands and intuitive software
  • ✔ Large capacity: 2.500 up to 25.000 litres (1 up to 10 trolleys)

Food safety

  • ✔ Hygienical design, easy to clean
  • ✔ High-grade stainless steel
  • ✔ Continuously monitor the core temperature
  • ✔ Process tracing and visualization (optional)
  • ✔ Avoid cross-contamination with a low/high risk setup (optional)
  • ✔ CIP cleaning system (optional)


  • ✔ Durable and insulated walls and doors
  • ✔ Energy friendly thanks to heat resistant seals
  • ✔ Residual heat for resting your products
  • ✔ Optimal heat transfer thanks to the air guidance system
  • ✔ No byproducts containing tar or ashes when smoking with Liquid Smoke

Ergonomical and safe

  • ✔ Large hinges allow an easily opening door
  • ✔ Easy-Unlock door handle
  • ✔ Display and parameters at optimal reading height
  • ✔ Controls at optimal operating height
  • ✔ Hinged ceiling

Pick your recipe at a glance

If you want to cook, steam, bake, smoke or roast with speed and precision, then Gernal is your partner.

You operate the oven with esae and comfort with a large multifunctional display (Zen+)

Pick your recipe at a glance, your guarantee for a steady quality.
U set all production steps and monitor it on the display.

Finetune all prouction parameters and tailor them to each product in order to achieve the perfect cooking time.

We have been expertly developing and building ovens for over 40 years

Upgrade your oven to your liking with:

  • direct steam injection
  • roasting with a rotating trolley
  • cooling with water to stop the cooking process
  • locking doors to ensure the low/high risk process
  • automatically opening doors
  • Dosatron® automatical cleaning system
  • automatic smoking unit for sawdust
  • automatic friction smoke generator
  • powerful extractors to dry your products
  • emission free smoking with Liquid Smoke
  • process tracing and visualization
  • access ramp
  • anti-slip floor

Get in touch with us if our regular ovens don’t meet your needs.
Our engineering department will design a custom-built solution, entirely tailored to your needs.

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