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Delicious meals with a Gernal cooking and cooling line

  • ✔ Cook pasta, rice, quinoa, bulgur, couscous al dente
  • ✔ Blanch your vegetables or cook them crunchy
  • ✔ Defrost your fish or vegetables at the right temperature
  • ✔ Cook delicious shellfish
Kook- en koellijnen

We are experts at manufacturing food processing machinery

Discover the benefits


  • ✔ High-performing and automated ensuring steady quality
  • ✔ Short turnaround time thanks to our Multibatch technology
  • ✔ Super fast heating with direct steam injection (up to 400 kW)
  • ✔ Large capacity: 200 up to 1.500 kg/h of final product
  • ✔ Reduced workload

Food safety

  • ✔ Hygienic design
  • ✔ Retraceable resources
  • ✔ Avoid cross-contamination with a low/high risk installation


  • ✔ Fully automated line
  • ✔ Exclusive water and energy saving design


  • ✔ Display and gauges at optimal reading height
  • ✔ Control panel at optimal operating height
  • ✔ Optional elevator for euro bins

Pick your recipe at a glance

A well-equipped cooking and cooling unit consists of a cooking kettle, a pre-cooling kettle and a cooling kettle lined up behind one another.

Easily control your line with a large multifunctional display.
Pick your recipe at a glance and ensure a steady quality for every batch.

You decide on all production steps and pick their appearance on the display. Finetune all cooking parameters and tailor them to each product to achieve the perfect cooking time. Thanks to our MutiBatch technology, your second batch can cook while the first is still cooling.

Upgrade your line to your liking with:

  • a high-performing anti-foam system, agitators and/or ventilation in the cooking kettle 
  • an automatic elevator for euro bins
  • a heat exchanger
  • a fully automatic salting system
  • UV-disinfection system to kill micro-organisms
  • A fully automated CIP system
  • a funnel for easy filling of euro bins
  • a weighted filling system
  • a vibration table for drying and oiling up your product

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