Continuous convection ovens and steam tunnels

Roast, defrost or steam

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Automated roasting, defrosting or steaming

  • ✔ Steam dim sum and dumplings until they’re perfectly cooked
  • ✔ Pasteurize your packaged meals in a continuous and controlled process

We are experts at manufacturing food processing machinery

Discover the benefits


  • ✔ High-performing and automated for a steady product quality
  • ✔ Continuous production, without interruptions and tailored to your product
  • ✔ Easy and quick cleaning thanks to QuickClean® construction
  • ✔ Easy to integrate in your existing production lines
  • ✔ Large capacity : 200 up to 1500 kg/h of final product

Food safety

  • ✔ Hygienical design
  • ✔ Traceable resources


  • ✔ Insulated walls and hood
  • ✔ Automated belts to cooled area
  • ✔ Continuous process with reduced energy consumption


  • ✔ Hydraulic elevator for easy cleaning
  • ✔ Critical zones are protected
  • ✔ Displays and counters at optimal reading height
  • ✔ Controls at optimal operation height
  • ✔ Redundant sensors for permanent monitoring

Choose your recipe at a glance

Are you looking to roast, cook, steam and defrost in a continuous process? Partner up with Gernal and we will make it happen.

All lines can be combined, even Asian Streetfood is now easily prepared.

Easily control your line with a large multifunctional display.
Pick your recipe at a glance and ensure a steady quality for every batch.

Finetune all cooking parameters and tailor them to each product to achieve the perfect cooking time.

Upgrade your line to your liking with:

  • preparatory connections for a fire extinguishing system
  • a fully insulated energy saving hood
  • a Teflon® belt
  • a residue tank for impurities
  • an external heat exchanger

Do our regular lines not meet your specific demands?
Contact us and our engineering department will gladly design your next continuous line.

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