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Passionate about food and engineering

We have been in the food processing business since the fifties. We started as a manufacturer of aluminium containers. Over the years, we have grown to be a leading manufacturer of high-end food processing machinery. Food companies worldwide rely on Gernal machinery to produce tasty and high quality dishes.


years of experience in food processing

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What we do

We design food processing machinery

We design your new food processing machinery and customize it to your wishes. Our engineers take pride in their work and only present the finest and most innovating solutions to your challenges.

We manufacture food processing machinery

We manage all steps of the manufacturing process in our manufacturing facility. This process starts with high-grade stainless steel sheets and ends with a machine built to the highest standards. Read more about our manufacturing process.

Installation and service

Our service engineers install and set up your new machine in your facility. Once everything is set up, our after-sales department provides remote support and on site if deemed necessary. Read more about our after-sales department.

Why we do this

Because quality and reliability are of paramount importance. Without reliable machinery, there are no tasty and qualitative meals. All our machines are designes, manufactured and assembled in Belgium. We are proud to share our knowledge and craft with our customers.


How we do this


We go the extra mile. Our machines are carefully crafted with only the finest materials and components by our team. Before a machine ships off to a customer, it undergoes thorough quality checks and is extensively tested on all its functions.


Innovation is a neverending process. Our R&D department pushes the boundaries of food processing technology. Every design, every action and every technology is challenged and if needed, adapted.


We are experts at food processing technology. We have broad knowledge of the food processing industry, allowing us to provide the right solutions for the most specific challenges.


Your machine is entirely customizable. Our engineers design your machine to your liking and to the right size. It is then made in our own manufacturing facility. Since we manage the entire process, we can easily make changes to our designs.


Our close-knit team guarantees a swift handling of your project. Our after-sales department is standing by t oget you back on track as fast as possible, be it remotely or on-site.

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