Using Gernal drying, smoking, cooking and roasting units is opting for top quality of the 21st century. These units are multifunctional and meet the most stringent standards and requirements. Gernal developed its first drying, cooking, smoking and roasting unit in 1973. Since that time, this machine has been continuously optimised.

Features: multifunctional and extremely high output.

  •  hygienic, thanks to a unique design, the application of stainless steel and the extremely high level of finishing
  • energy-efficient, thanks to 10 cm insulation
  • safe, thanks to a strict fulfilment of all legal requirements
  • state-of-the-art technology, with a robust and simple to operate control system.
    Can be installed on the machine or on any other location
  • process tracking and visualisation via the SVS-3000’ standard software

The Gernal line of drying, cooking, smoking and roasting units includes 12 different types, with a volume ranging from 2,000 to 25,000 litres. If required, Gernal can also develop systems with a larger capacity or to your specific design requirements.

Three types of smoke generators:

  • sawdust: the sawdust is ignited with an electric element. A turbine blows air into the combustion chamber, after which the mixture of generated smoke and air travels through smoke channels into the smoking unit.
  • friction smoke: pneumatic cylinders push a wooden beam onto a rotating grater, generating a cold smoke with low tar content. This generator is most convenient for smoking in a closed circuit without emitting smoke.
  • liquid smoke: a natural wood smoke condensate, which is free of tar substances, is vaporised by pulses through sprinklers in the smoking unit.


  • Poultry        
    • smoking and cooking turkey and chicken fillets
    • roasting and grilling chicken
    • smoking chicken, duck, ostrich, pigeon, etc.
  • Fish 
    • cold smoking of sprat, herring, salmon, trout, turbot etc.
    • hot smoking of eel
    • steaming mackerel
    • drying all types of fish
  • Pork
    • smoking and cooking ham
    • grilling cooked ham
    • smoking bacon
    • cooking and baking pâté
    • baking in puff pastry
    • preparation meatloaf, meatballs, roast, etc.
  • Beef
    • drying, cooking, baking, roasting and pasteurising
  • Ready meals          
    • vacuum-cooking, steaming and colouring of all possible types of meals
  • Cheese
    • smoking cheese

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