Gernal does not deliver machines, it provides solutions. Our after-sales service will provide proof of this. The solutions provided by Gernal will become the heart of your production operations. That is where reliability is a must!

Your productivity and the continuity of operations is our very first concern.

Solid materials and excellent control systems guarantee optimal operations.

If anything should go wrong anyhow, due to a wrong operation or an unexpected malfunction, then you can count on Gernal!

A team of well-trained and experienced technicians is always ready to help you with every possible problem. Via the service desk at Gernal or through our local agents in foreign countries, we will provide you with a diagnosis in your own language and we will provide assistance to your technicians in remedying a malfunction immediately on site. If this should not succeed, our technicians will schedule an on-site visit in order to find a solution, bringing along any required replacement parts.

Our warehouse keeps a stock of components for most machines, even those that are many years old. The set-up of an interim installation, while your machine is being repaired, is one of many possibilities in assuring ongoing operability.

The reliable technical advice of our professional technicians is a free-of-charge service that can help you to prevent and solve problems.

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