Gernal’s automatic cooking and cooling line for pasta, rice and vegetables is a revolutionary system with one cooking kettle and one or two cooling kettles (each with a capacity of 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 litres). This makes it possible to prepare various dishes from start to finish, up to the point of packaging.

Depending on the required end temperature, a supplementary pre-cooling tank can lead to substantial savings in water and energy consumption (more than 50%). The pre-cooling water is used to cool down cooked products, while at the same time heating supplementary cooking water for the kettles.

Features: preparation from A to Z, labour-saving, constant quality


The Gernal automatic cooking and cooling line works as follows:

  • the kettles are filled with water (hot water for the cooking kettle, cold and ice-cold water for the cooling kettles);
  • the cooking kettle is heated up;
  • raw/dry products are plunged from a 200L standard bin into the cooking water by means of a column loader;
  • during the cooking process, the basket automatically moves up and down, so as to achieve a homogenous temperature distribution of the cooking water and to prevent sticking during the cooking and cooling process;
  • at the end of the cooking process, the basket is automatically lifted out of the water and left to drain;
  • the contents are transferred to a basket in a pre-cooling tank. This basket moves up and down during the cooling process;
  • the cooking kettle is immediately refilled and brought up to temperature, so that a second cooking cycle can start;
  • the cooled products are emptied in waiting 200L bins.

The special features of the Gernal cooking and cooling line:

  • spectacular water savings in comparison with batch cooking
  • substantial savings on labour
  • homogenous products, assuring a constant quality each and every day